The Nature

Ho Inn is surrounded by stunning scenery.
In fact, the nature is so great that in the summer of 2014 the area was included in the list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. In 2010, the Mud flats were classified as a National Park, which Ho Bay is a part of. From the inn’s terrace, there is a clear view of Ho Bay, Britain, Langli island, the southern tip of the peninsula Skalling and the northern part of Fanoe. Yes – that is unless the marshwoman is brewing and sea fog is coming into the country from the west. Those days Ho is embroiled in mystery, and you feel that you are far away from all civilization.

How do you get out and experience all this beautiful nature?

From the inn, you can go down the Fjordvej eastbound. After about 10 minutes you are on the Ho “Harbour” with views of Ho Bay, with Vestkraft in Esbjerg towering in the background. However, do not expect to see a large collection of yachts, since it is only possible to get into Ho Harbour at high tide – and only with smaller boats. On the way home, you can take a trip around Ho Church, which with its open belfry is pure village romance. At the same time, you can admire the neighbor of Ho Church which is Ho’s oldest farm.

You can also head over to Thomas Lange Park 50 meters from the inn. Here you can find a bust of the poet Thomas Lange.  You can find information about the Mud flats / World Heritage site on the information stand at the entrance to the park.

If you have time, there is an abundance of natural beauty around Ho.