If you drive through the small town of Ho - the village on the upper edge of the national park Wattenmeer and with the fantastic Skallingen in the backyard - you can not miss Ho Kro. In the center of the town, next to the church, surrounded by the characteristic white-painted houses, you will meet the big letters "Ho Kro" on the pediment.

Outside, near the North Sea and a stone's throw from the Wattenmeer, where the wind reigns in the wilderness, where birds, wild animals and Galloway cows enjoy the pastures, which from time to time is flooded by the salt water of the Sea. Where nature is like it always has been, and where will always will remain nature - this is where we have settled down.

Within Ho Kro you can immediately feel the cozy and friendly atmosphere. We do our best to make you feel in the best hands. Our goal and vision is to make everyone feel welcome.

We combine the perfection of gourmet food and a very personal cuisine based on classic ideas with the input of many parts of the world, processed with seasonal ingredients and add a qualified, competent and smiling service. We have a great desire to meet the expectations of our guests and collect all this under our motto: "Gourmet in Western jutlandish".

We are pleased to offer you, WELCOME!


For more information about bigger groups and arrangements at Ho Kro, please contact us directly.


We don't have any rooms available at Ho Kro,
but there are some places that offer accommodation near by. Some of them are within walking distance.

Ho Bugt Kursuscenter

Ho Feriecenter

Ho Fiskesø

Klithjem Badehotel

Motel Garni

Billum Kro

Stutteri Vestmose



27. February 2020

kl 18.30

Team Rynkeby – Banko – 2020

4. March 2020

kl 17.30

Rynkeby Banko 2020

Gourmet aftener

13. March 2020

14. March 2020

kl 18.30-00.00

Påskebord 9., 10., 12. og 13. april 2020

9. April 2020

13. April 2020

kl 12.00-15.00


24. April 2020

kl 18:30

Sted: Ho Kro

Åben Landsby

30. May 2020

kl 10-15

Pinsebrunch 2020

31. May 2020

1. June 2020

kl 10.00-13.00

Far’s Dag 2020

5. June 2020

kl 18.00

Saint Hans Evening

23. June 2020

kl 1730

Sted: Ho Kro

Barbecue every thursday in Juli

2. July 2020

30. July 2020

kl 17:30

Sted: Ho Kro

Barbecue every thursday in August

6. August 2020

28. August 2020

kl 17.30

For more Events in Ho and nearby, see http://www.detskeriho.dk